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Battlefield 2042 scene with ray-traced shadows ambient occlusion

Battlefield 2042 scene with ray-traced shadows ambient occlusion

Battlefield is back and more chaotic than ever in Battlefield 2042, which sees players waging war as the climate apocalypse rages around them. Consisting of three distinct multiplayer experiences, but no single-player mode, Battlefield 2042 leans into the multiplayer chaos upon which the series was founded, offering plenty of new weapons to for players to get their hands on.

But with so many weapons at your disposal, you may be wondering which are the most effective in the heat of battle? Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this guide, we’re going to run through some of our early favorites to give you an idea of the best guns to pick up when you’re starting out and fleshing out your loadout.

Read on for our pick of the best weapons in Battlefield 2042, as well as how to manage your loadout.

This year’s Battlefield is very different from other entries in the series. Mostly, it feels much quicker than previous games, with extra chaos and a shorter time to kill. 

Battlefield 2042 has done away with the rigid class system seen in previous games too, so you can put together dynamic builds, change your weapons between deaths and swap out attachments on the fly. This means that honing in on any particular gun is less important, as the gameplay is more focused on versatility. 

You’ll need all kinds of weapons to adapt to changes in the map and the weather, so don’t worry if our choices don’t fit with your own – you can get away with pretty much any build in Battlefield 2042. You should try and fit your Specialist around your gun where possible though, and pick the right gear, like armor plates or C4, to cover every base.

LCMG (Unlocked from the start)
Our personal favorite starter weapon in Battlefield 2042 is the LCMG. It might seem strange to pick up an LMG straight out of the gate, but given how short a time it takes to kill anyone in this game, the boost you get from the range and power combo of the LCMG is potent, and it will serve you well even as you unlock more powerful guns later down the line. Once you get a few kills you will have unlocked hybrid scopes that let you become deadly at any distance, and if you can pick up 210 kills you’ll unlock armor-piercing rounds, which is great for taking down the hordes of vehicles that plague Battlefield 2042’s maps.

SVK (Level 14)
We’ve found that Marksman rifles are more useful than actual Snipers in Battlefield 2042 given the pace of the game and the boon of single fire over bolt-action. Of course, it will come down to your playstyle, but the SVK is the most deadly Marksman rifle in the game, with its solid damage output and strong rate of fire. It strikes a careful balance between the two long-range gun styles, so it’s superb for taking out enemy soldiers at mid to long-range.

PP-29 (Level 18)
As you push through the levels you may be tempted to pick up a short-range weapon like an SMG to clear out objective points. The best of the bunch is the PP-29. By the time you unlock it, you should be familiar with its silhouette from all of the post-death loading screens where it pops up. It’s an incredibly popular gun in Battlefield 2042 for good reason. The 650 rate of fire is complemented by the high magazine size, which allows the PP-29 to dole out deadly bursts up close but also last long enough that you don’t get caught out by a lack of ammo.


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