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man using an office voip phone

man using an office voip phone

A professional, engaging, and effective voicemail greeting is a more important communication tool than it may first appear. After all, if you are unable to answer the phone, your voicemail message may be a contact’s first impression of you. If your voicemail greeting is hard to understand, inaccurate, or incomplete, it could negatively affect a professional connection.

Fortunately, recording a simple, professional voicemail is quite easy. In this article, we’ll go over the best business voicemail greeting tips to help you sound confident and professional. Or check out our guide to the best VoIP providers if your business is looking for an affordable alternative to a regular phone service.

If a phone number you are trying to reach goes to voicemail, the first thing you think is probably “Did I dial the right number?” That’s why you’ll want to say your name and your company in your voicemail right away, so callers aren’t left wondering if they misdialed.

It may make sense to include your job title in this information as well, depending on your job.


Playing phone tag is a routine part of doing business, but it can still be frustrating. One simple way to smooth over any annoyance is to acknowledge the caller’s time, either by thanking them for calling or by apologizing for not being available.


Many people put something like “Leave your name and number and I’ll call you back” in their voicemail, without really thinking it through. It’s worth taking some extra time to think specifically about the best way to instruct callers on how to move forward.

This will probably depend on your specific job circumstances. If you spend a lot of time in the field, you may want to instruct callers to try you on your cell phone. If you receive a lot of urgent calls, you may want to offer an alternative contact for callers to reach out to. There may be a company website or social media page you can refer callers to that might be able to answer their question.



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