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How to change your Xbox gamertag

How to change your Xbox gamertag

Changing your Xbox Gamertag is a simple process that can liberate you from an embarrassing, decade-old handle. So why not kick your old xXGruntHunter7837Xx identity to the curb and start fresh with a brand new name, or just try on a new tag that fits you better?

Your Xbox Gamertag is your unique online identity within the Xbox Live ecosystem. It’s displayed on your Xbox account, your console, in-game, and just about everywhere you play when using an Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S system. While you can choose to share your real name instead of just your gamertag, many opt to use this more anonymous username while playing online for obvious reasons. 

When you change your Xbox Gamertag, you’ll keep all of your achievements, personalized options, friends, games, and apps. You won’t need to do anything differently to access your account, and you can go right back to gaming after you make the change. 

Microsoft allows you one free Gamertag change before you need to pay, so if you want to try on something a little different without reaching into your bank balance, you’ve got the freedom to do so. 

But how do you go about changing your Xbox Gamertag? Follow the steps below and you’ll be showing off your brand new identity to the world in no time.

There are a couple of different ways to change your Xbox Gamertag. You can do so right from your console, or you can do it online.

As previously stated, your first Gamertag change will be free. Even if you chose to use a randomly-generated Gamertag Microsoft created for you when you signed up for Xbox Live, you’ll still be eligible for your first change. After that, you’ll need to pay $9.99/£7.99 each time you want to reinvent yourself, so to speak. 

To change your Xbox Gamertag from your console, start by pressing the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide. Then, select ‘Profile & system’ and choose your Gamertag from the options that open up. From there, choose ‘My profile’, and then ‘Customize profile’. Choose your Gamertag once more. 

Now, select ‘Choose your new Gamertag and enter the new tag you’d like to use. Each Gamertag can be up to 12 characters long, including spaces, and cannot begin with a number. It probably goes without saying, but the name you choose shouldn’t be inappropriate or offensive and must pass Xbox Live’s guidelines for acceptable content, which you can find via the official Xbox enforcement help pages

Once you’ve chosen a tag, select ‘Check availability’. If you receive the message ‘That name isn’t available. Try a different one’, your Gamertag is either taken or potentially contains offensive content. Just enter a new one and try again. 


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