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macOS Monterey running on a MacBook

macOS Monterey running on a MacBook

The arrival of macOS Monterey has brought with it a number of new features. One of these features is FaceTime links, which is another tool to aid productivity. This particular feature makes setting up meetings far quicker and easier to be an alternative to what Google Meets and Zoom offer.

FaceTime is Apple’s take on better quality calls, either through audio and video. But this year, a new feature allows you to send a link to anyone you would like to attend the call, but not just on Apple devices.

This has the added benefit of allowing you to invite anyone, even if they are using Android or Windows devices. Our guide below will be able to show you how links can be created and arranged for any meetings in the future.

Creating a link can be straightforward in macOS Monterey:

1. Make sure your Mac is running the latest version of Monterey, then open the FaceTime app.

2. Click the ‘Create Link’ button, located in the top left-hand corner of the FaceTime screen. 

3. Clicking the ‘Info’ button will allow you to copy the FaceTime Link, or select one of the alternative sharing options.

4. Once it’s time to start the call, either double-click the FaceTime Link in the sidebar or click the camera icon. You can then click on ‘Join FaceTime’.

5. For anyone who has received the FaceTime link, you will need to let them enter the call after they have joined.

6. To do this, press the green tick that appears next to their name on the sidebar. If you no longer want them to join the call, press the red cross (decline button). You can also press the remove button up to thirty seconds after they’ve joined the call to remove them.


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