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Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch Pro

Did you know that Nintendo Switch has a dark mode? Well, it does, and we’ll show you exactly how to enable it. 

If you’re tired of staring at the bright white background that the Switch’s ‘Basic Light’ theme offers, there is an alternative: the ‘Basic Black’ theme. It’s ultimately down to personal preference which you prefer, but with dark mode options now present in almost every major app, like Chrome, Windows 10, and even Xbox, some users will rejoice at the fact it’s possible to enable it on Nintendo Switch.

Turning on the Nintendo Switch dark mode is incredibly easy, and many prefer how the console’s menu and the home screen looks as the Basic Black theme helps make text clearer, game box arts more punchy, and is much more pleasant to use if you’re gaming at night. 

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, simply follow the easy steps below. Remeber this will work on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED. 

From the Home Menu, head to ‘System Settings’ which can be found underneath the game tiles and looks like a cog wheel icon. Tap the A button, and scroll down the list of options on the left hand side of the screen.

From there, click on ‘Themes’ and select ‘Basic Black’ by pressing the A button again. You should now see a tick beside your chosen theme, and notice a shift from white to black. Congratulations, you have now enabled dark mode on Nintendo Switch!

If you’re a fan of dark mode, the Basic Black theme should tick all the boxes. Menus are easier to read thanks to the white font on black backgrounds, and a turquoise accent helps highlight important information. 

If you’re partial to a bit of late-night gaming, then dark mode on Switch is a lot easier on the eyes. There’s also the possibility that you could eke out slightly more battery life using the Basic Black theme, though the differences will be negligible. 

Unfortunately, no. The Nintendo Switch has only ever had a Basic White and Basic Black theme since launch, with many expecting that more would be added over time. The Nintendo 3DS, for example, has multiple themes, many of which celebrate individual titles or Nintendo characters. With the Nintendo Switch now approaching its fifth anniversary, it’s unlikely that Nintendo will add any new themes soon. 


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