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Sheldon Riley during performance for Australia's entry

Sheldon Riley during performance for Australia's entry

Bonjour, hola, and willkommen as Eurovision’s next round of semi-finals gets underway! Ukraine, Greece and Norway have already secured their spot on Saturday, so can we expect Australia, San Marino, or Finland’s The Rasmus to join them? Read on and find out as we explain how to live stream Eurovision 2022 semi-finals 2 online and 100% FREE in the UK and Australia.

Of Tuesday’s performers, only 10 went on to the grand finale. Greece impressed audiences with the thunderously romantic “Die Together”, Ukraine’s musical medley “Stefania” received rapturous applause, and everybody loved Norway’s delightfully weird “Give That Wolf a Banana” and the band’s mischievous frontmen.

Now 18 more acts fight for the chance to perform to a worldwide TV audience of 180 million this Saturday. And we can’t wait to watch!

Among them are Australia’s 23-year-old Sheldon Riley with “Not the Same” and singer Brooks’ pop banger “That’s Rich”, representing seven-time Eurovision winner Ireland. Georgia, Montenegro, Israel, Poland and Azerbaijan will be hoping to rock the PalaOlympico too, while Achille Lauro delivers a ballsy rock ballad for San Marino, featuring outlandish lyrics like “I love Britney / She’s the devil in a Birkin.” (I mean…of course!)

So, keep reading for further information on how to live stream Eurovision 2022 semi-final 2 online. Because surely it’s time to be “making your minds up!” and voting for your favorites!?

In this guide we recommend some of the best places to live stream the Eurovision 2022 semi-finals. But, if you’re abroad right now, you’ll likely encounter some annoying geo-blocking restrictions.

You can get around this problem with a VPN, which is a fantastic bit of software that lets you virtually port your device back to your country of residence – thereby letting you gain access to all the streaming services and content you’d normally enjoy at home.

Use a VPN to live stream Eurovision 2022 semi-finals from anywhere

Using a VPN for BBC iPlayer while abroad is as easy as one-two-three…

1. Download and install a VPN – as we say, our top choice is ExpressVPN


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