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basketball player on court

basketball player on court

NBA 2K22 is finally here, with the latest iteration of the long-running basketball game franchise now launching across the world – and that means it’s time to stick your face on it.

The game seems to have suffered from a server issue as legions of fans tried to jump on multiplayer over launch day. The official NBA 2K Twitter account posted that “Delays should be minimizing,” but it’s worth noting that you may have trouble getting into the action right away – while those of you who splashed out on a $100 version of the game may have to wait for your extra perks to be fulfilled amid the issues.

To kill some time, though, you may want to check out the face scan technology that lets you insert your own face onto a customized player, letting you take yourself onto the court – and, hopefully, all the way to the finals. But how do you do it?

You’ll need two things to face scan into NBA 2K22 – or three, if you count your face. You’ll need a copy of NBA 2K22, with a MyPLAYER account setup, and you’ll also need a smartphone.

Your phone camera is what will scan your face – so it goes without saying that a higher-quality phone will likely produce better results.

You can download the ‘MyNBA 2K22’ app for both iOS and Android, in which you’ll be able to scan your face using your phone’s front-facing / selfie camera after connecting to your in-game account. The app should be available to download on Android, though it doesn’t seem to have landed on iOS at the time of writing, so hold tight if it isn’t available for you just yet.

A help page for last year’s NBA 2K21 game provides a host of tips, including “even lighting from the front” to reduce shadows, and making sure you stop moving your head if you need to blink, so that it doesn’t mess up the end image.

Holding your smartphone “at eye level”, and around 18 inches from your face (say, on a handy shelf) should produce the best results. We’re told, too, that a common mistake is keeping your eyes locked on the phone, stopping your head from completing a full motion from side to side.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the facial scanning technology used to put the likenesses of professional athletes into the games will likely be several magnitudes more advanced than what the average mobile phone is capable of. So don’t expert an incredible match to your own face.

A Reddit post in r/NBA2k lists a number of common issues, with some users saying they expect to “try for hours to get a good one and then give up”. Others have seemingly had issues with their “beard” being scanned, while others still claim the app “works great for me every [time]”. 


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