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Xbox Series X/S Halo Infinite dynamic background

Xbox Series X/S Halo Infinite dynamic background

You can customize your Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to your liking with a flashy dynamic background. But what is a dynamic background, anyway? And how do you enable it? We’re here to help you give your dashboard a makeover. 

There are a number of ways you can change your Xbox Home background to your liking. You can set it to a solid color, a static image of your choice, show off some achievement art, or select a dynamic background, which is essentially a moving wallpaper. 

But what’s so enticing about an animated background? Well, it’s a special option only available to Xbox Series X/S users (sorry, Xbox One owners!) that gives your console a little more panache. There are several options available, from game-centric designs to a cool callback of the original Xbox UI. 

Essentially, it’s another way for you to make the console more personal to you, and one part of the robust set of personalization options baked into the Xbox Series X/S. 

But how do you set a dynamic background on Xbox Series X/S? Follow our step-by-step guide below.

If you’re looking to try out one of the Xbox Series X/S’s dynamic backgrounds, first you’ll need to head into your system settings menu. 

Start by pressing the Xbox button on your controller at any time to open your console guide. Alternatively, you can head to ‘My Games & Apps’ and find the Settings app. 

Choose ‘Profile & system’, then ‘Settings’. Select ‘General’, then ‘Personalization’, then ‘My background’. Once there, you have a few different choices: you can select to use a solid color and game art, achievement art, a custom image, screenshot, or a dynamic background. 

Select ‘Dynamic background’ and then you’ll be given a chance to scroll through the available options. You’ll see a lengthy list of backgrounds to choose from, such as the familiar green ‘Waves’ pattern to unique ombre colors, and more.

‘The Original’ dynamic background is a quick way to transport yourself back to 2001 and take a trip down memory lane with the Xbox background that started it all. Enjoy the famous green blob any time you power up your Xbox Series X/S with that free background. If the Xbox 360 dashboard is more your speed, there’s the perfect dynamic background for you called ‘Xbox 360’.


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