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Philips Hue + Spotify

Philips Hue + Spotify

With the holiday season approaching and some restrictions from the global pandemic being lifted, chances are you’re planning some kind of gathering for friends and family.  

While food and drink and music is important, lighting is one of the aspects that’s often overlooked but can dramatically change the mood of the party. 

If the illumination is too stark your guests will feel self-conscious, while if it’s too dark the party atmosphere will be so bad, you’ll forever have a reputation as ‘that host that makes things horrendously dark’. And nobody wants that. . 

But, as ever on TechRadar, there’s hope through technology: the best smart lights are a great way to create the perfect atmosphere in your home, as they can be dimmed or brightened and the color tweaked, all from your smartphone. 

Maybe you’re already on top of that, and have kitted out your entire house in smart lighting. However, did you know that some can even flash and change color to suit the beat of music playing? 

Philips Hue, LIFX and Nanoleaf smart lights have previously offered this feature through third-party apps, but they’ve always required the microphone on your smartphone to listen to the music playing before adjusting the lights accordingly. 

Earlier this year, Philips Hue announced a partnership with Spotify that uses an algorithm to analyse the metadata of the song playing on the app in real-time and controls the color, brightness and speed at which it flashes to suit the genre and mood of the music, as well as the beat. 

Initially, the integration was only available to Hue users that had signed up to the early access program, but it’s now been made available to anyone that has Philips Hue smart lights – so here’s how to use it to make yourself the host with the very most when it comes to creating a full party atmosphere.

Fancy grabbing yourself some Philips Hue smart lights? Check out the best prices on offer right now. 

As we’ve mentioned, this feature is specifically designed for Spotify – it won’t work when you’re playing music from any other streaming service. 


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