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Streets of Rage 4 being played on Windows 11

Streets of Rage 4 being played on Windows 11

While Windows 11 brings a big redesign and a new start menu, the one constant feature that sticks around is the art of taking screenshots.

Using the Print Screen key and pasting it into Paint has always been the best method of sharing screenshots in emails and WhatsApp, but there are better ways of taking screen grabs of certain apps without having to manually save it into a folder every time.

We’ll show you how to take a screenshot of just one app in Windows 11 or the whole desktop if you need to.

If you need to do the same on an Apple desktop or laptop, there are even easier methods to take screenshots on a Mac as well.

Make sure you know where your Print Screen key is on your keyboard, as this will be one of the most common methods in taking screenshots. It may be labelled as the following:

It may also be a second function for another key, in this case you’ll need to press the ‘Fn’ key as well to take a screenshot.

Pressing the Windows key and Print Screen will take a screenshot of everything that’s currently displayed, and will take this file into a folder, located to This PC > Pictures > Screenshots.

If you just need to take a screenshot of an application, press the Windows key, ALT and Print Screen, which will also move this screenshot into This PC > Videos > Captures.

If you’re already used to the Snipping Tool with its powerful screenshot features, you can assign this to the Print Screen key instead. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard.

Once this is enabled, you can press Print Screen and the Snipping Tool will open instead, giving you even more control in taking screenshots.


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