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macOS Monterey Notes and Quick Note

macOS Monterey Notes and Quick Note

Apple further blurs the lines between Mac and iPhone/iPad each year with each new software release. So, macOS 12 Monterey, iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 continue this trend with new features that bring desktop and mobile even closer.

Two examples of this playing out are the updated Notes app and the all-new Quick Note feature.

What has changed?

In the latest round of software updates, Apple is adding collaboration features so you can share information with friends or colleagues who also use the Notes app.

Meanwhile, the new Quick Note feature makes it easier to take notes while you’re in another app such as Safari without ever having to open the Notes app. A Quick Note isn’t just a way to add text; you can also include hyperlinks, a Maps address, and more. Changes made on one device automatically sync across your other Apple devices.


The new features in the Notes app are all about helping you stay better organized, collaborate, and create notes, regardless of which device is in use. When collaborating, you’ll see everyone’s mentions and edits in a new Activity View. With tags, you can quickly and easily find information using the new Tag Browser and in tag-based Smart Folders.

Notes are sharable through Mail, Messages, AirDrop, or a link. Whoever sends an invitation first also decides whether anyone can add new people for further collaboration.

Quick Note

Every bit an extension of Notes, Quick Note allows you to capture an item or thought while in Safari or another app. When doing so, you can add to an existing Quick Note or create a new one. A Quick Note gets added by using a keyboard shortcut, Control Center, or hot corner.

In supported apps, you can add links to a Quick Note. When doing so, a thumbnail appears whenever you go back for easy follow-up. Quick Notes are resizable and available from anywhere on macOS in full screen or Split View.

It will be interesting to see how Quick Note develops across the many platforms, especially iPadOS and macOS. It could prove very useful for students and everyday users alike.

macOS Monterey will be released to the public towards the end of 2021.



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