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MyPrepaidCenter – Check My Prepaid Center Balance

MyPrepaidCenter is an online portal launched to monitor the account balance in Visa cards and Mastercard. Users can utilize this online portal anytime to make payments and other transactions.

We are living in a digital era where we can find almost everything online and the banking and finance sector is nowhere different from it. Myprepaidcenter is one of the finest online portals that we can use for checking your account balance in both Visa and Master cards. One of the best things about this portal is that you can use it directly for making transactions on various myprepaidcenter merchants.

You can use this online portal for making retail banking across the globe. Users are free to configure their websites and making payments and other transactions using this portal. The only thing you have to do for access is to navigate to its official web portal and then activate and load your cards to access it. Users are also provided with various offers and discount coupons on the same.

How to login to myprepaidcenter?

  • Visit the Official Website.
  • You will be redirected to the home page of myprepaidcenter.
  • Go to the Sign In option present at the left side of your screen and make a secure login using your username and password here.
  • Solve the captcha to verify human usage.
  • In case if you have forgotten the login credentials you can tap on the Forgot username/password option. You can enter your email address here that you have provided during the Signup process. And if you are going to recover the password you can add the provided username here.
  • Enter the login credentials in the provided space and then tap on the Login button.
  • You can even make a secure login using your card number also.
  • You need to have a username and password options for activating your myprepaidcenter account.
  • Once done, you will be redirected to your connected debit card or credit card details on the screen.

How to activate your myprepaidcenter?

One can easily activate the myprepaidcenter card through online sources. While going through the process make sure to keep your Visa Prepaid card or Mastercard near to you so that you can easily access that immediately. All you have to do here is:

  • Go to the official web portal of and get started with the activation process here.
  • Enter your Visa prepaid cards or Master card credentials such as your card number, its expiration date, and the security code in the provided space.
  • Tap on the option of “I am not a Robot” followed by tapping on “Login” option.
  • You will be now directed to a new window page showing the option” Create a profile” here.
  • Just follow up on the provided instructions and then add the rest of the credentials such as your name, preferred username, password, email address, and security questions, etc. on the provided space.
  • Tap on the Submit button to go further with the process.
  • Your account activation key will be your provided email address here.
  • Verify your activation key and once successfully done, your card will be ready to use on.
  • Make sure to go through the cardholder agreement here very carefully so that to avoid any unwanted situations in the future.
  • That’s it. Your account will be now activated and the card number you have connected here will be now ready to use throughout the United States and Canada.