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Mis Webmail & EQ Webmail

Mis Webmail

Hearing about MIS Webmail, everyone is a bit confused. Though we are so familiar with technology, when there is something massive, it makes us feel a little awkward.

The initiative of a free educational portal by the Australian government is remarkable. Here the only concern that most students have is accessing, setting up and log in to their accounts. Read more

Mis Webmail-1

There is no doubt that students are more conscious when they have something to deal with in their education. They do not want to take risks with it. 


Being stuck with an account online is common. Many students have been facing issues with their account setup and login. Therefore, here we got you a quick and easy guide to keep the procedure simple, fast and safe. 

MIS WebMail is the future.

Setup an account

Setting up the MIS Webmail account is not difficult at all. You need to access the official website of the MIS Webmail system. Thereby entering all your credentials from name to guardian name, age, institute details and the rest of the essentials you can precede the account setup.


In the form, you are required to enter the accurate details so the portal will verify them with your organization. Furthermore, you need to enter an email ID and set up a password. Make sure to keep the password secure and not too difficult that you may lose it later. After entering all details, you will automatically get confirmation of account setup. 

Login MIS Webmail

Logging in to MS Webmail requires you to have your connected email ID and password. On the official site of the portal, you just have to enter these details and press login.

You will be redirected to your personalized portal where you can access every single resource. The portal lets every student bookmark and personalize a notes rack.

It helps each student to set up a study schedule and take note of the recent developments. 

Did you forget the password? No problem!


Forgetting passwords is one of the nightmares that we have at present. There is no doubt that we do have numerous digital accounts and are keeping some essential information or access there.

To keep them secure, having a password is essential but sometimes, in the wake of making it too secure, we step ahead of selecting a password. After some time, we may forget the password. 


For students, MIS Webmail is a treasure and they cannot afford to lose its password. If someone forgot the password then the portal provides a simple way to recover it.

By clicking the option of forgot password on the portal, you will get two options to select. Enter either your username or date of birth. By entering any one of the required details, you can reset your password and access your account. 

Continue surfing!

MIS Webmail comes with limitless opportunities for students to learn and be better. It is helping them to sustain their educational graph even in this crisis. Using the portal can be new but it is not difficult.