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That's gonna get hot

That's gonna get hot

Blimey it’s hot – it seems every country around the world is uniting, in the summer of 2021, to complain about just how hot it is right now. And your body isn’t the only thing that’s super hot – that handy little life assistant, your smartphone, is pretty toasting too.

Yep, your smartphone overheating is a problem most, if not all, people face on hot sunny days. This can make it hard to take pictures, navigate around places, or call your friends and family when you’re about the place.

Some people may choose to grin and bear the difficulties this brings, or – shock horror – go without using their smartphone. There’s no need to do that though, and it’s very easy to keep your handset cool – or, an appropriate temperature – without putting it down.

And no, before you get distracted and close this tab (or burn your hand on your device, you mobile readers), dunking your phone in water isn’t the right course of action. That probably won’t pan out well.

So to help you survive the hot summer seasons without losing your trusted handset, here’s some advice on how to stop your phone overheating and keep it cool in toasty weather.

On a hot day you’ll want to hide in the shade to avoid the heat – your phone wants exactly the same. Try your best to avoid leaving it in direct sunlight, as the sun’s glare can get it to warm up super fast.

So if you’re at home, don’t put it by a window; likewise if you’re at a picnic, just tuck it under your blanket out of the light. 

Similarly, don’t leave your smartphone in a car, or greenhouse, or conservatory, or anywhere else that would naturally get hot on a sunny day – that would cook your smartphone as quickly as it would cook you.

By doing this, you’ll stop the device from heating up rapidly. 

If you’ve got a case on your phone, it’s going to keep it toasty and snug in winter months – and also roasted in hot months. Strip off that case!


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