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A espresso with late art on the top in a white coffee cup and saucer next to a hessian sack and coffee beans

A espresso with late art on the top in a white coffee cup and saucer next to a hessian sack and coffee beans

Whether you can’t start the day without a short intense shot of espresso or you find the only way to avoid the post-lunch slump is with a creamy, long latte, many of us enjoy our daily caffeine fix in the form of coffee. 

One of the best espresso machines can ensure that no matter how many times a day you indulge in a cup of java, it won’t be hurting your wallet as much as constantly heading to the nearest coffee shop. 

Given Americans now drink 50% more espresso-based hot drinks (including cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites) than in 2015 according to the National Coffee Association, this is a big saving.

However, brewing the perfect coffee in an espresso machine every time might not be as simple as you first thought. 

Lots of aspects can affect the strength of the coffee, such as how tightly compacted the puck (the disc of ground coffee water is pushed through) is and the volume of water in use, but what about bitterness? 

There’s nothing worse than going to all the effort of brewing yourself an espresso, only to take a big sip and discover it’s extremely bitter and not worth the sippin’. 

If this happens to you regularly, then listen up:  a coffee expert at De’Longhi has shared with us a game-changing tip that means you’ll be able to put an end to bitter coffee. 

Read on to discover the game-changing trick for ensuring your espresso isn’t bitter, or if you’ve already decided you want to invest in an air fryer, check out the best prices right now:   

Many of the best espresso machines on the market allow you to customize different aspects of the coffee brewing process. For example, most machines use a predefined amount of water when brewing espresso, but it’s also possible to override this (and even set your preferred amount as the default) if you prefer a stronger or weaker coffee. 

As we’ve already mentioned, how tightly compacted the ground coffee is will also affect the strength of the espresso  – more loosely compacted coffee will result in a weaker brew, while those that prefer a stronger espresso should make sure the ground coffee is heavily pressed together.


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