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Amazon Echo Dot in a bedroom

Amazon Echo Dot in a bedroom

Alexa can be a very handy addition to your home. From setting timers and providing the weather report to offering personalized responses such as a flash briefing with set news sources. You can even get the voice assistant to make calls and send messages to your contacts, without reaching for your phone. 

When Alexa is responding to your query, a blue LED illuminates on an Echo smart speaker – or, if you have an Echo smart display then it will appear on-screen. You may also have seen a yellow LED appear on your Echo, or heard it play an unusual tone, and may be wondering what on earth it means. 

It is, in fact, probably a notification to indicate that something you’ve ordered on Amazon is either out for delivery, or has been delivered. We say ‘probably’ because Alexa can offer up notifications for a number of reasons – more on that below. Considering you need an Amazon account to set up a smart speaker with Alexa built-in, it’s no surprise that Amazon’s voice assistant knows exactly what you’ve bought and when it’s arriving. 

However, while this might be handy if you live on your own, if you share a house with other people and have just ordered birthday or Christmas presents, it could prove problematic. More so because if anyone says “Alexa, where’s my stuff”, Amazon’s voice assistant will reel off a list of purchases and when they’re due to be delivered. 

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If you see a yellow flashing light on your Amazon Echo, or hear it make an unusual tone, the best thing to do is determine what the notification is for – and if you no longer need it, to remove it. Just ask Alexa “What are my notifications?” and the voice assistant will read out any you have waiting for you. 

Once you’ve heard them all, simply say “Alexa, remove my notifications” and they will be erased, causing the yellow light to stop flashing. However, it’s worth noting that the notifications will automatically disappear at midnight on the day the notification was issued. 

Be aware that Alexa will issue shopping information for whichever member of the household’s voice profile is activated at the time. By default, this is usually the person that set up the smart speaker. If someone else in the household wants to hear notifications about their purchases, this is possible, as long as they have a voice profile set up. Find out how to create an Alexa voice profile by reading How to make Alexa understand you better on an Amazon Echo.

They’ll need to switch the Echo to their account. This can easily be achieved by saying “Alexa switch to…”, followed by the name of another member of the household with a voice profile.

Alexa will issue notifications when your parcel is out for delivery, but can also issue another notification once the package has been delivered. If you want to stop these completely, or change the events for which you receive a notification, open the Alexa app. 



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